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SPC Express

SPC Express for Windows

SPC Express Delivering Quality Product with consistency to keep your Customers delighted and         beat competition. Quality failure in your process, may impact financially of product rejection or     damaged reputation in the markets.
 SPC Express Software, is your Total Statistical Process Control Solution for the Collection,   Monitoring and Analysis of Data at the shop floor of your Manufacturing Plant. 
 Enables you to collect real-time data from any source and provides diverse powerful analysis tool.   Ease-of-use design for both novice and experts alike with Standard Windows GUI and instantaneous   understanding of your process.  
 SPC Express Software serves in all business entities quality management efforts and serves as   the primary source of Data Analysis tool in improving your process within your production environment, resulting in greater consistency in product quality, productivity and profitability from the manufacturing operations.


AutoScope option for SPC Express

AutoScopeAutoScope option is an online reporting tool that monitors all active SPC Express Stations and provides automatically updated summary of the Shop Floor.  
Can customise your view by selecting the required SPC Express Station for detailed analysis of the Process including the Statistical Parameters and Chart. This enables you to initiate and document the action taken at the shop floor and be in touch with every SPC Express Station


SPC Express Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Parts and Characteristics at a time
  • Customisable traceability fields
  • Versatile data entry, keyboard or direct from digital instruments
  • Real-Time SPC Analysis
  • Query based reporting based on any criteria
  • On-screen display of Multiple Charts
  • Network Compatibility
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