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E360 Solutions, provide Complete Solutions for your Quality Needs at your Manufacturing Plant with the offering from International Manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience in their respective field.
Statistical Process Control Software
 SPC Express
Delivering Quality Product with consistency to keep your Customers delighted and beat competition. Quality failure in your process, may impact financially of product rejection or damaged reputation in the markets.
SPC Express Software, is your Total Statistical Process Control Solution for the Collection, Monitoring and Analysis of Data at the shop floor of your Manufacturing Plant. Enables you to collect real-time data from any source and provides diverse powerful analysis tool. Ease-of-use design for both novice and experts alike with Standard Windows GUI and instantaneous understanding of your process.
Gage Interface
Gage Way
Broad range of wired and wireless measurement collection solutions, including MobileCollect wireless, GageWay interfaces, and WedgeLink hardware and software keyboard wedges.
Supports the broadest range of digital & RS-232 gages, digital indicators, micrometers, height gages, scales, etc. as well as all SPC software.
Modular Fixturing Solutions
Fixture Swap
Inspection Arsenal™ for CMM inspection and vision inspection AND Laser Arsenal™ for laser engraving fixtures.
Modular, magnetically interlocking, easy to implement, quick-swap fixture solution designed to help break workflow bottlenecks!
You are guaranteed to process more parts per shift with these LEAN, low-cost solutions.
Portable CMM
The zCAT is the world's first portable direct computer control coordiate measuring machine (DCC CMM). 
At only 15 kgs, the zCAT conveniently goes with you wherever you need it and can be deployed directly in the manufacturing process.
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